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Documents and certificates

Following registration of the company, the following documents are produced:

    • Memorandum and Articles of Association in the official Greek language (English certified translations are prepared by our firm)
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Certificate of registered office
    • Certificate of directors
    • Certificate of shareholders
    • Subscribers’ resolution as well as minutes of first meeting of directors
    • Undated, signed share transfer documents and undated signed resignation letters by nominee shareholders and nominee directors respectively (if nominees are opted)
    • Declaration of trust by the nominee shareholders
    • Deed of indemnity whereby the beneficial owners indemnify the nominees for their actions

Bank accounts can be opened at any local bank by presenting copies of the above documents, together with copies of the passports of the beneficial owners and bank references. Also, bank accounts for the company can be opened anywhere in the world (usually legalization of the above documents is required in order to open bank accounts abroad – this can be arranged at an extra cost).